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Air Freight Transportation

A good airline transportation requires the right place service. Mark continued strong local relationships with global air transport, Turkey's all airports, all airports in the world will add time with regular cargo transportation services.

To India (Nhava Sheva) weekly Lcl service

Fast and Safe

Door-to-door delivery to a high standard.

High Capacity and Systematic

Economical transport options for your large volume loads


Mark Global is your solution partner in airline transport with its strong agency network. Providing regular services to all ports of the world, Mark Global offers you fast, high quality and cost-effective options for your airline cargo. Adopting the principle of customer-oriented thinking, Mark Global serves with reliable services from door to door, port to door, door to port, port to port directions.

  • Airline Services
  • Scheduled Services
  • Priority Flight Facilities
  • Preliminary and Final Transports
  • Warehouse and Storage Solutions
  • Customs clearance and insurance transactions
  • Combined Air & Sea / Train Transportation
  • Additional Services
  • Regular Partial Schedules
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Export Service
  • Customs Clearance Service
  • Warehousing Service
  • Insurance Service
  • Experienced and Expert Staff

Mark is one of the pioneering companies in container transportation in our country and has become one of the leading companies in export and import services in a brief period of time. We take pride in being a solution partner for you in container transportation with our global agency network and contracted ship owners.

Mark Marine Service seeks to offer our all facilities to most distinguished companies in the most accurate and appropriate way and ensure your continual trust. Please feel free to contact us with your valuable requests and comments.

  • Services
  • FCL / LCL Container Transport
  • Import & Export Console Service
  • Port to Port Delivery
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Inter-modal Freight Transport
  • Transit Transportation
  • Cross Loading
  • Project Transportation
  • Mine Transportation
  • Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Insurance, and Domestic Transport Services

We conduct international transport and customs clearance transactions if required for all fairs, congresses, conferences, seminars, promotions and similar activities in international markets by using airline, maritime, railway, combined (multiple) transportation with a tailor-made service.

  • Temporary / final entry and exit custom clearance
  • Stand delivery with equipment in line with product specifications
  • Storage, packaging, labeling and palletizing
  • Storing and returning empty containers
  • Domestic transportation
  • Documentation
  • Incentive and assessment procedure after the fair

We stand by our customers at every step of the logistics stages in line with our experience, organization, infrastructure, vision and values.

  • Receiving the relevant products from the point of production and planning and carrying out the international transport as quickly as possible,
  • Finalizing the foreign trade transactions of the products that arrive at customs in the most efficient way,
  • Ensuring the safe transportation of interim transports available in all customs with insured and secured vehicles,
  • Warehousing the products via professional stock tracking, efficient reporting capability, inventory management system,
  • Carrying out value-added operations upon request of the service receiver,
  • Delivering the products in the most effective way with specific performance indicators to all locations in Turkey,
  • Reaching reports or information upon request with customer services department as quickly as possible. You can query your supply chain and obtain your efficiency plan with our contract logistics team.

Mark Global uses intermodal transport to transport loads from one place to another in the most efficient, punctual, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. It capitalizes on transport models in intermodal transport such as trailer trucks, trains and freighters.

  • It offers premium and guaranteed intermodal services for time-sensitive cargoes.
  • It offers value pricing for different types of equipment and service options for lower value goods.
  • Equipment flexibility allows customers to choose the most suitable load: 20′, 40′, 45′ containers and trailers provide many options, including high-cube containers and 13,60 trailers.
  • We provide timely receipt and delivery thanks to our contracts with prominent Drayage providers.
  • It automatically monitors the shipment of the customers to notify the current location and status via e-mail, fax or secure internet access.

Industry Solutions

Industrial solutions that bolster Mark Global's service network serve customers who need an innovative and competitive supply chain network.

  • Technological Products
  • Textile and Fashion
  • Health
  • Steel Industry

As the developing technology affects the logistics industry and ensures its development, we are working to improve the quality of logistics service with the privileged service we offer. We provide industry-oriented solutions to our customers in many processes such as quality criteria in operation, functionality of systematics in production and storage areas, safety standards, speed and so on. In addition, we take all necessary measures to minimize the risk of theft and damage which is a necessity for the industry and we work with zero fault principle in the supply chain. We offer the following services to our customers within Technological Product Logistics services;

  • Production center delivery
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Packaging
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • After-sales and reverse logistics including rotating loading tracking
  • Order, Repair and Renewal Logistics
  • Shipper consolidation and management
  • D2M loading organization


We operate connected with many regions of Europe for changing and developing textile industry. Our team follows up the entire process from receipt of the products to the delivery to the final user.

Mark Develops Effective and Creative Solutions for the Health Industry
We develop effective and creative solutions to different line of business in the health industry such manufacturers, importers, pharmaceutical companies, medical companies, pharmaceutical warehouses and hospitals.